Final Teen Learning Post, Please.

1.What were your favorite discoveries or exercises on this learning journey?My favorite exercise was the Wordle experience. I enjoyed the vibrant colors and large variance in what I could do with the program. Since I’m politically inclined, too, I enjoy using Wordle to analyze the speeches of our lying, cheating, conniving politicians.

2. Which tools do you think you will use in the future, and how? I will probably be using the Wordle program, so that I can lable everything in my home with the brilliant surrealism that it offers. Things that I shall lable include: shelves, book cases, my bed, a few CostCo muffins, probably my dog and cat in a jar, my computer, my various folders, the ceiling, my Ikea Brand Persian Rug, and my under wear drawer.

3.Do you have any suggestions to change this tutorial? Nah, keep it as it is. Good times were had by all.


My Avatar


This is me in avatar form. I am teh secks. I’m also a dirty weaboo. Honestly though, I made this image around four years ago. Besides the Japanese flag in the background and the strange facemask, I would definitely say this rainbow undies-weilding beasty is still me. The only thing that would make the image better is if I maintained a devious sharky-toothed grin.


This thing called Shelfari is a cool way to display the books that you’ve read, want to read, or are reading, to the cool benevolent denizens of the internet. I have created this to demonstrate the program’s greatness. Be forewarned, everyone, you need an Amazonian account of purchasing powa.

Google Docs.

Google docs.
Google Documents is an intriguing utility, good for editing old projects and creating new ones where ever one may be. There are over five different programs, which are web based, that can be used from any computer with a internet connection. The cool thing about the Google Docs programs is that things are automatically saved to the interweb, and said saved things can be shared with the whole world, should one choose that particular option. I made a power point about library shelves.

Google documents: I wrote this blog post on Google docs’ version of word, and it worked out pretty well.  

Evaluating Information Websites!

I learned the five steps published by Cornell University in evaluating a website’s legitimacy: 1. Accuracy 2. Authority 3. Objectivity 4. Currency 5. Coverage.

After utilizing sites and printed sources while hunting for Red October and information, one must obviously post a “Work Cited” page at the end of the research paper. A useful program which makes bibliographies much less of a hassle is called easybiblolz, which I have used several times.

Good Manners and Commenting

The internet is a hole of hate and despair, and the only thing that separates the innocent from the accursed initiated is the physicallity of an otherwise transient and nebulous world. People– hippies say that hatred can be defeated by love and peace, and I’ve got to say– hatred can only be defeated by violent love. Love violently. Live wonderfully. Comment kindly, but enthusiastically. The internet is about expressing beliefs and criticising others on their own life philosophy. That’s why the freedom that the internet offers is so great.

It’s important to note that one should attempt to communicate discussion and constructive criticism kindly, but if the situation deteriorates, then letting lose with verbal harrassment is understandable.

Current Projects

This coming week, I shall be attempting to construct a Wordle picture for the Dowie Decimal System’s number 782.1 through the 820s;


I’ll also attempt to make a video using some suggested websites on, as well as creating a new Book Talk for a fine piece of literature by Dashiell Hammett.

Three events, all difficult and time consuming in their own right, tackled by the Bullmoose Candidate for Presidency!